If you live on Oahu in Hawaii...

and want to give yourself a NEW Beginning, then UP-Grade to Windows 7!

Is your machine running slow? Do you need more speed? Want to Backup - Cleanup - Upgrade? Then take advantage of my All-In-One UP-Grade service.

If you want to speed up your existing Windows XP computer by upgrading to Windows 7, but not lose all of your software, pictures, music, documents, users and settings. Or:..

You have purchased a new Windows 7 computer and want to move all of your current software, documents and settings from your old computer to your new Windows 7 computer,

Let me do it for you!

For a very reasonable fixed cost, I will move you over to Windows 7 and you can start enjoying all the great new features you have been hearing about Windows 7, while having your machine cleaned, getting your speed back and using your old software, all for a fraction of the cost of a new machine!

Save many days of frustration, confusion and time! There is nothing to learn. Nothing could be easier!

To learn about my upgrading your existing Windows XP computer to Windows 7 service, click on the Upgrade an XP Computer menu choice above.

To learn about my moving all of your software, data and settings from your old computer to your new Windows 7 computer service, click on the Move to New PC menu choice above.

If you own a Vista computer:

The upgrade path from Windows Vista to Windows 7, on a single computer, "should" be fairly straight forward and something you may want to attempt yourself.

However, if you would rather not spend the time and thought it takes to do this and prefer to have me do this for you, I do provide this service at the same cost as upgrading a Windows XP computer to Windows 7. And, I backup and optimize your system at the same time.

Aloha, and thank you for taking the time to read about my services. Have another wonderful day in Hawaii!


Jim Bufalini