About Jim

Jim Bufalini has lived in Hawaii since 1975 and became interested in computers in the late '70s as a way to develop what was then to be an encyclopedic book of word associations with Marsh Fisher, the co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate.

This work was later published as a computer program called The IdeaFisher, for which he received a patent and was reviewed by Esther Dyson as having the most intuitive user interface of any program she had ever seen.

He started the first call-forwarding answering service called Phone-Minders built around a program he wrote on the original IBM PC and PABX hardware he had custom built.

He installed the very first Novel networks in Hawaii, pioneered remote computing, and installed the very first Citrix systems here.

Over the years, Jim created the very first telephone calling card, the rights to which were later sold to AT&T and the rest is history.

He formed a company called CCG, Inc (Corporate Consulting Group) and over the years computerized and developed software for literally hundreds of clients of which a couple of the more notable were CPR (Clients, Prospects and Referrals) for First Hawaiian Bank and CATS (Computer Aided Tracking System) for HNA, the then JPO between The Honolulu Advertiser and The Star Bulletin, as well as numerous then cutting edge systems for JTB Hawaii (Japan Travel Bureau) and also did work for DAGS (Department of Accounting General Services) and numerous others.

After selling the rights to CATS to a Mainland company that is now one of the three divisions of Volt Corporation, Jim gained early access to the Internet and developed a number of Web properties and also was among the first to outsource software development to India.

His most recent project is called VisiTrieve, which is in beta and he expects to launch this coming year.

Today Jim develops software systems like VisiTrieve and the little application on this web site in an amazing write-once, run anywhere (PC, Mac, Linux, Web browsers and servers) rapid development language and environment now called revTalk by RunRev.

He is offering this upgrade service because with the advent of the Windows 7 release a couple months ago, he decided to upgrade some of his family machines for Christmas and was surprised to discover that there is no direct upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7 and the recommended methods are anything but straight forward.

Drawing on his experience of performing numerous operating system upgrades, as well as transfers from one machine and OS to another, over the years (starting with CPM, DOS and the original Windows), Jim decided to offer this service to others for a limited time while his company, VisiSoft, pulls together the next round of financing for the launch of VisiTrieve.

So take advantage, while his services are available, and save yourself a ton of grief and start enjoying the benefits of Windows 7 today!