How it works

Simple! Just Click Here and either email or call me. You will then receive instructions on ordering my service, which only costs $95. Give yourself a NEW Beginning!

If you don't already own a copy of Windows 7 Upgrade, or an external hard drive (which is recommended to backup your computer before the upgrade), I can purchase everything you need for you at a very reasonable cost!

You will then receive an email and phone call with instructions and either bring your desktop CPU (I don't need your monitor, keyboard, mouse,etc., just the computer) or your laptop over to me. If you would rather I send someone to pick it up from you and deliver it back to you when it is done, this can be arranged and indicated when you order.

What's included:

  • I create an image backup of your hard drive on to an external hard drive that you provide or I can purchase for you. This is so that if anything at all should go wrong during the upgrade process, I can return your computer to exactly the way it was when I received it. It also allows your computer to be restored back to the way it was after a successful upgrade, in the event you should decide that you don't care for Windows 7 and want to return to Windows XP.
  • Perform a virus check on your computer (just to be safe). Anything indicated as a virus will be removed.
  • Your computer will then be upgraded to Windows 7 and your software, documents, pictures, music, users and setting transferred to Windows 7 and your system optimized.
  • Then backed up again!
  • You will then receive a call and an email and can either come and pick up your computer, the boxed copy of Windows 7 Upgrade, the external hard drive and your copies of any utility software used in the upgrade process. Or, if requested, all of this will be delivered to you.

How long will the actual upgrade take?

There is no way of telling but, barring any unusual or unforeseen circumstances, your computer will be ready to be returned to you within 24 hrs.

Which Version of Windows 7 Upgrade?

I recommend Windows 7 Professional. This is because, since you are upgrading from Windows XP, there is a good possibility that some of the software you run on your XP machine is older software that is not compatible with Windows 7. If you own Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate, Microsoft has free software that you can download that lets you run the Windows XP operating system on your Windows 7 desktop. This option is not available for Windows Home Premium.

Can I purchase my own Windows 7 Upgrade or external hard drive?

Absolutely! As long as the copy of Windows 7 Upgrade is a not a previously registered copy and the hard drive has been erased of any data or has nothing of value on it and is fully functional and enough room to backup your computer.

Unless you have already purchased Windows 7 Upgrade or already have a spare external hard drive, there is no advantage to purchasing yourself, as I just pass the cost of these on to you and you will see that these items are at the same discount prices you would find at a Costco or Walmart.

Can you perform the work at my place instead of my bringing my computer to you?

No. I am ideally set up to upgrade multiple computers at the same time and is why I can offer such a low price to perform this service. Were I to come to you, I can only work on your computer and would have to charge you by the hour and therefore considerably more.

You would also not be happy watching your bill run up as I sat around twiddling my thumbs and sipping coffee waiting for lengthy processes like a virus check, backup, file copies and the install itself to complete.

Will all of my software run on Windows 7?

While all of your software, documents, users and settings will be moved over to Windows 7 and most of it will work, there is a high probability that some of them will not run or will require a manufacturer's upgrade to run.

Things like your virus protection software and third-party firewalls will probably require an upgrade. There may also be some old software or games that are not compatible with Windows 7 and is the reason I recommend Windows 7 Professional, so that you can download the Windows XP image for Windows 7 and run these exceptions under Windows XP mode.

Also, some applications with a copy protection scheme known as Digital Rights Management may not function correctly. These include programs like iTunes, MusicMatch and Napster. These programs could require reactivation, possibly a "repair," or possibly reinstallation. Microsoft Office may or may not also require "reactivation" depending on the version.

As these are licensing issues, updating the licensing of applications that require it are not included in this service as they are between you and the manufacturer and you will have to reactivate or update according to manufacturer's instructions, once you have received your computer back.

All of the actual application files and settings, however, will be present for you to work with.

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